About our Yoga Teachers

Sue Everett, senior Iyengar Yoga teacher & teacher trainer is patron of Yoga Kala.

Julie Dixon

Jiulie Dixon - Iyengar Yoga teacherJulie Dixon is the principal Yoga teacher and founder of the Yoga Kala studio. Her interest in Yoga began in the late 70’s whilst living in Yallingup W.A. Her first teachers, Zoya Nott and Jim and Jeanie Mc Kenzie were devoted to Guruji, and travelled yearly to Pune to learn from their Guru, BKS Iyengar. Upon returning to the east coast Julie immersed herself in Yoga classes, with Jan O’Donaghue and Martyn Jackson. In 1983, Martyn encouraged Julie to teach, at which time she began the unfolding of her passion, teaching Iyengar classes in Southport and Miami on the Gold Coast. Julie has since undertaken & completed many years of combined teacher training & professional development in the early 1980’s, 2000’s and is currently working with Sue Everett senior Iyengar teacher. Julie’s early Yoga exposure came from close to the source, as did her teacher trainers, therefore instilled to this day a traditionalist and purist way.

Julie has explored, practiced and experienced  Yoga for more than 3 decades. Through the training and her own self exploration of this vast subject, her inquiry led her from teaching classes to opening Yoga Kala, now in it’s 14th year of growth and expansion. Her ongoing dedication to personal practice, combined with study of classical texts of Yoga, and ongoing learning from her teachers, allow Julie the vehicle to live her passion.

Her classes are infused with her many years of experience and offer instruction in the subject which is imparted with enthusiasm and freshness and informed by her ongoing journey on the path. Julie has worked with Senior Australian and international Iyengar teachers and continues her professional development in this way. Julie wishes to express her gratitude to all her teachers, in particular her students.

Jaimee Shillitoe

Jaimee came to Yoga over a decade ago when her first class made it immediately clear that Yoga could support her through health challenges and emotional upheavals.
Her personal practise, and ongoing teacher training in the Iyengar method, continues to bring the resonance of truth, that we are all one, everything is impermanent, and that the true journey is within.
Jaimee began teacher training with respected trainers Kate Pell & Dan Adler.
Studies regularly with her teacher Jamie Denham, West End Iyengar Yoga and is in ongoing teacher training with senior Iyengar trainer Simon Morrocco.

“Yoga is an essential ingredient in surviving the pressures of modern life. It is a space for me to observe and take the time to listen and heal my body. It teaches me that staying connected to my inner child is a key to not taking life too seriously”. Jaimee Shillitoe.

Our Location

Our Yoga classes and workshops are conducted at our Yoga centre in Tweed House, suite 6/ 34 Main St., Murwillumbah.