About our Yoga Teachers

We currently have 2 Yoga teachers who regularly give classes at Yoga Kala in Murwillumbah. We also frequently have visiting expert Yoga teachers who run weekend Yoga workshops at Yoga Kala.

Our Yoga classes and workshops predominantly use the Iyengar style of Yoga.

Julie Dixon

Jiulie Dixon - Iyengar Yoga teacherJulie Dixon is the principal yoga teacher and founder of the Yoga Kala studio. Her interest in Iyengar Yoga began in the late 70’s whilst living in Yallingup W.A. Her first teacher,  Zoya Nott was a dedicated Yogini. Her teacher was B.K.S Iyengar whom she studied with yearly in Pune. Upon returning to the east coast Julie immersed herself in Iyengar Yoga classes. Great inspiration came with the many early morning hours spent in practices with Martyn Jackson and Jan O’Donague (Gold Coast School of Iyengar Yoga).

Julie has explored, practiced and experienced Iyengar Yoga for more than 3 decades and after completing more teacher training with Iyengar trainer Peter Scott (Yoga Jivana) in the mid 2000’s opened Yoga Kala. Through the training and her own self exploration of this vast subject, her inquiry led her to teach. Her ongoing dedication to personal practice of the Iyengar style of Yoga, combined with study of classical texts of Yoga, and ongoing learning from her teacher, Caroline Coggins, allow Julie the vehicle to live her passion.

Her classes are infused with her many years of experience and offer instruction in the subject which is imparted with enthusiasm and freshness and informed by her ongoing journey on the path. Julie has worked with Senior Australian and international Iyengar teachers and continues her professional development in this way. Julie wishes to express her gratitude to all her teachers, in particular her students.

Ally Rubenstein

Ally Rubenstein Yoga teacherAlly’s earlier practice and teaching was informed by her teachers dedication to Patabijois. More recently the refinement of Iyengar Yoga has given Ally the platform to expand and evolve.  She is committed to teach with heart, to impart the freedom inherent in the discipline and to share the experience of peace and joy that is the essence and beauty within the art of yoga.

“I found my first yoga teacher more than forty years ago after the birth of twins. There have been enrichments  in my practice with a further three children, and assorted life challenges but yoga has been a rich and constant source of nourishment. It has in all ways provided me with the form and structure to support my core beliefs, and continually encourages me to demonstrate these in daily life.”

Simon M. Marrocco runs yearly courses, stay tuned for dates in 2015. 

Our Location

Our Yoga classes and workshops are conducted at our Yoga centre in Tweed House, suite 3/ 34 Main St., Murwillumbah.