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Workshops at Yoga Kala

Saturday 24th August.      1 till 4 p.m. 

This afternoon will unpack and investigate the tools needed to feel safe strong and uplifted in hand stands. The understanding of the mind, and the obstacles it presents to us through our bodies, is a great start to kicking our feet up over our heads! There are many ways to support the body’s bits, like weak wrists, so we can all have the joy of being child like and in the words of a 6 year old….

” I love doing Yoga with my Mum, when she goes upside down, I do too, I love the way the topsy turvy makes all the fuzzy feelings fall out.”

Hope you can join us. All welcome.     Investment     $65.




Save the dates for Sue Everett, 22nd, 23rd, &  24th November!


In addition to our regular Yoga classes, Yoga Kala in Murwillumbah often runs Yoga workshops.

Julie Dixon frequently offers workshop that focus on a topic of current interest to the local students, while Yoga Kala also hosts workshops taught by visiting Yoga experts.

Please visit this page regularly to find out about our upcoming workshops.


Regular workshops with Julie Dixon

Julie has explored, practiced and experienced  Yoga for more than 3 decades.  Her teaching is infused with her many years of experience and offer instruction in the subject which is imparted with enthusiasm and freshness and informed by her ongoing journey on the path.
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